Natalie Simak Acupuncture in Columbia, MD

Testimonials and Reviews

Below you will find real testimonials from some of my patients. I am always very happy to hear the feedback you have about the treatments. Feel free to leave your review of my services on Google, Yelp or simply contact me or text me your feedback when you're ready, and I'll be happy to list it on this page.

left quote I felt so much better after Accupunture tonight. Natalie is gentle and very professional I highly recommend her! right quote

Posted By: J. L.
Laurel, MD
left quote Great overall customer service, as always. I always leave after a visit feeling much more relaxed and rested. right quote

Posted By: B. H.
Columbia, MD
left quote Natalie is kind and full of empathy and very good advice. Her techniques are very gentle and effective. She is the best!! right quote

Posted By: D. S.
Columbia, MD
left quote Great experience. Definitely will recommend family & friends. right quote

Posted By: A. R.
Baltimore, MD
left quote Natalie always helps me to feel better. She is a wonderful acupuncturist! I hardly ever feel the needles. Natalie truly cares about the well being of her patients! right quote

Posted By: D. S.
Columbia, MD
left quote Natalie is a very caring and proficient acupuncturist. She helps me stay out of the "sick care system." right quote

Posted By: P. P.
Columbia, MD
left quote Natalie took plenty of time to understand my complaint and to recommend ways to deal with it. right quote

Posted By: L. F.
Savage, MD
left quote Natalie is the best. She is very caring and informative and always attempts to answer all of the questions that I have about the process as well as the progress. right quote

Posted By: J. J.
Columbia, MD
left quote I have been suffering from shoulder and hand pain as well as temporomandibular joint dysfunction for 11 months. I started taking clonazepam as recommended by my neurologist and was afraid that I would need to take it forever.

After acupuncture treatments with Natalie my pain is gone, I feel much better and for several weeks now have not been taking any medicine after ten months of clonazepam. Thank you so much Natalie for making my life better, and helping me believe that there is a doctor I can trust. I really appreciate your help.
right quote

Posted By: Sofya N.
Pikesville, MD
left quote I’ve been seeing Natalie for several months following a severe neck injury. I had failed to see significant progress with my pain even after seeing numerous specialists and going through rigorous physical therapy. I have seen more progress with her than with any other method of treatment. She listens very well, is highly skilled, and I strongly recommend her to anyone with an injury or chronic pain.

As a registered nurse she is also very skilled and knowledgeable in modern medicine as well as traditional Chinese acupuncture. In her vast repertoire of skills she not only does acupuncture, but also cupping and Gua Sha which I have found especially helpful. Anyone looking for an acupuncturist can stop looking, go see Natalie.
right quote

Posted By: Stephen F.
Ellicott City, Maryland
left quote I came to Natalie for help when I was dealing with a lot of emotional distress in my life. On top of that, I started experiencing many physical symptoms, such as disrupted sleep and loss of appetite.

After a careful and very detailed evaluation, Natalie created a treatment plan that addressed both my physical issues, such as under active thyroid and digestive problems, as well as emotional symptoms. Especially helpful were her diet and lifestyle changes recommendations.

After each treatment I felt like a different person and over the course of treatments, I began feeling balanced and much happier. My energy level and outlook on life improved too!

Natalie is a great acupuncturist, an attentive listener, and a very caring person. Natalie's treatments brought a sense of balance back into my life.

I am so grateful!
right quote

Posted By: M. K.
Ellicott City, Maryland
left quote This is my second time in two years doing a set of acupuncture treatments with Natalie Simak. I was really looking forward to this since my first set of treatments in summer of 2011 helped me tremendously with many of my health issues.

I already had 4 treatments this year, and I am so happy to be back. This woman really knows acupuncture and alternative medicine. I have been following her advices about food and water while I was home, in Israel, and I noticed a big shift in how I felt, as well as some of my issues (such as migraines and fatigue) disappearing completely by simply avoiding dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream, as Natalie had suggested before.

After just four initial treatments this year, I already feel much better. My frequent headaches are gone, and I can sleep much better now. I'm looking forward to the rest of my treatments this summer with Natalie. Thank you so much!
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Posted By: R. V.
Karmiel, Israel
left quote Acupuncture was my last resort, after I rejected conventional medicine to treat my plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of my foot. The heel pain was overwhelming, but after six or seven sessions with Natalie, I can finally say the pain subsided very much.

Natalie's sessions, not only helped decrease my pain, but it got my body to be in line as a plus.

I strongly recommend Natalie for anyone who needs to feel better about his or her body and soul. I appreciate your patience, care and perseverance Natalie. Thanks a million.
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Posted By: ED C.
left quote I just want to say that Natalie changed my life for the better. She will say that we did it together, but I couldn't have done it without her. I had gone to see her because I was feeling frustrated and anxious about not being able to have a baby. My husband and I had been trying for over a year, to no avail. With Natalie's encouragement and treatment, I began to relax and "detox" all the negative and bad things in my body.

Within seven treatments, I was pregnant!

Natalie, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Most of all, thank you for getting my body in line for its most important job yet! I highly recommend this woman to everyone for anything. I learned some important techniques on how to relax and handle everyday situations. Acupuncture is good for whatever ails you, as long as you have an open mind...

Thank you Natalie!
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Posted By: Jessica Heavin
Columbia, MD
left quote I had four Acupuncture sessions with Natalie and every time after my appointment I felt relaxed and in a very good mood. I am suffering with migraines and few times I would come to her with a migraine but left without it. I strongly recommend to anybody who have any health issues visit Natalie. You will not regret it. right quote

Posted By: I Chervin
Reisterstown, MD
left quote I developed asthma, rhinitis and allergies after the birth of my daughter thirty-one (31) years ago. The effects have become progressively worse every year causing a significant decrease in the quality of life in many areas. I have continuously sought relief from the constant post nasal drip and accompanying coughing spasms. The countless prescriptions for steroid inhalers, nose sprays and allergy pills I received via the traditional medical channels have offered minimal and fleeting relief. As a soloist in my church choir, an impending performance had me desperate for help and it was in that state of mind I decided to give non-traditional medicine a try.

After just two visits with acupuncturist Natalie Simak I have begun to receive what I have been praying for... relief! The acupuncture treatments, coupled with the insightful information she provides regarding diet, energy meridians and the importance of overall balance and clarity of mind, body and spirit are providing the inspiration I need to initiate significant changes in my lifestyle and behavior. These lifestyle modifications are already having a beneficial effect; I was able to perform the solo for my church's Christmas program comfortably and with no embarrassing coughing spell! I do not perceive acupuncture treatments with Natalie as a "miracle cure-all" but rather an opportunity to get in touch with my body, its positive and negative triggers and capacity for self healing under the guidance of a sensitive, compassionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I truly believe my prayers have been answered; thank you Natalie! I look forward to working in partnership with you to restore and improve my overall health!
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Posted By: D. Battle
Randallstown, MD
left quote Based on my experience, Natalie has been helpful in helping me to gain insight about my own habits that sometimes hinder my success in weight loss and to keep the weight off. I've come to discover that Natalie is quite knowledgeable in acupuncture and shows great compassion in her work and to the field as a profession. right quote

Posted By: Stacie B.
Baltimore, MD
left quote I turned to acupuncture for my shoulder pain that I had suffered for 3 months. After four visits the pain had diminished significantly. After eight visits I was completely pain free.

I never knew acupuncture could have such a great effect on me. Thank you Natalie!
right quote

Posted By: Z K
Pikesville, MD
left quote I've been suffering from lower back pain for a while. Natalie gave me great recommendations and did a great job with my back. Her advise and acupuncture treatments definitely helped me with my back pain. I am planning to come back to Natalie for other problems and would recommend her to anyone. right quote

Posted By: I. S.
Ellicott City, MD
left quote I stayed in Maryland for two months during the summer and received 8 acupuncture treatments. My general health now is in much better shape, and I feel much better in general. Natalie was very professional, caring and gentle with needles. She definitely knows what she is doing. I'm planning on coming back to her next Summer. right quote

Posted By: R. V.
Karmiel, Israel